Office Orders

July 13, 2016

Office Order No.169 dated 11.07.2016 Transfer fee @15% of consideration amount & stamp duty will be charged under GPA Transfer Policy of Board

June 28, 2016

Office order no 160 dated 24-6-16 GPA transfer policy as per Supreme Court of India

June 28, 2016

Office order no 161 Dated 24-6-16 Physical Presence of an applicant/allotee not required for the purpose of submission of documents/deposit of fee/ charge

June 21, 2016

Office Order No.154 dated 20.06.2016 Provision gate in the side boundary wall

June 17, 2016

Office Order No.153 dated 16.6.2016 Original death Certificate for processing transfer cases

June 17, 2016

Office Order No.151 dated 15.6.2016 Subsequent transfer of property under mutual/consensual transfer policy

June 15, 2016

Office Order No. 148 dated 14.06.2016 clarifies time period prescribed for transfer of Residential Units under Tatkal Service

June 15, 2016

Office Order no. 147 dated 14.06.2016 Regarding Proof of Death of Allottee for transfer of Dwelling Unit

May 26, 2016

Office order No. 124 dated 24.05.2016 Accorded Administrative Approval & Expenditure sanction for 200 Two Bed room Flats in Sector 51

May 24, 2016

Office order No. 122 dated 20.5.2016 approval of Authorization of Account Officer (Admn.) to signin the complaints, petitions, Appeals, Complaints, Replies, Written statements, Affidavits etc.