Transfer of property in the name of GPA/SPA/Sub-GPA Transfer Policy.

Press Release dated 14.07.2017 regarding Demand for Car Parking in Sector 40 C Chandigarh
July 14, 2017
Transfer of ownership on the intestate demise of transferee after execution of deed of conveyance. Du No 2973-1 sector 42-C dated-18-7-17
July 19, 2017
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Transfer of property in the name of GPA/SPA/Sub-GPA Transfer Policy.

It is hereby notified for the general public that the following person who is claiming himself/herself to be the G.P.A/Sub-G.P.A holders, have applied for the transfer of allotment of the under mentioned Dwelling Units in his/her names under Regulation 16 of the Chandigarh Housing Board (Allotment , Management and Sale of Tenements) Regulations 1979:-

Sr. No Reference Date Name of the applicant Capacity (Wheather GPA/SUB GPA) Name of the allotee/GPA(in case of SUB-GPA) Sh/Smt/Ms Du.No/Bay Shop No./Booth No/S.C.F. Category Sector
1. 14-07-2017 Shashi Jaswal Agreement to sell holder Brahma Dev Singh Chauhan(Through his GPA Holder Meghnath Singh Jaswal) 144 III Sec-55(Palsora), Chandigarh
2. 13-07-2017 Satvinder Singh SUB-GPA Hakim Rai(Allottee) Rajinder Kaur (GPA) 612 LIG Sec-40-A, Chandigarh
3. 12-07-2017 Sanjeev Garg SUB-GPA Mohini Maini (Allottee) Rajinder Kaur(GPA) 368-2 HIG Sec-44-A, Chandigarh
4. 12-07-2017 Rama Anand GPA Mohammad Abdullah 2552-1 LIG/EWS Sec-44-C, Chandigarh
5. 17-07-2017 Jagdish GPA Sarita Kumari 2622 LIG/EWS Sec-44-C, Chandigarh
6. 17-07-2017 Shiv Kumar GPA Kalpana Rai 3034 LIG Dhanas, Chandigarh
7. 17-07-2017 Raj Dulari GPA Vijay Laxmi Gupta 441-1 Central-I 45-A, Chandigarh
8. 17-07-2017 Ramesh Kumar GPA and UN-Registered SPA Kanwar Pal 2354 EWS 63, Chandigarh

Note:The applicant has stated that the Allotee/GPA (as applicable) is alive and GPA/Sub-GPA has not been revoked.

In case anybody has any objection in respect of transfer of the allotment of the above said Dwelling Units, he/she may submit the objection, if any , in writing within 15 days of the publication of this notice before the undersigned alogwith documentary evidence, if any.


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